Maisie Loh

Maisie Loh

Maisie Loh

Maisie enjoys the practice of mindfulness amidst distractions and sharing it through writing, and teaching as a mindfulness coach at Mindful Breath
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3 Ways to Always Find Happiness

TLDR: Do you want to feel more happiness and less anxiety and worry? There are 3 practical ways you can try to always find happiness in the little things in life. Would you like to experience consistent happiness on a daily basis compared to worry, anxiety and...


The Jewel Within That Is Self-Awareness

TLDR: We often go through life unaware and miss out on the treasure in our heart. The jewel within that is self-awareness is this treasure that differentiates humans from animals. What is self-awareness? We use this term to describe whether someone is self-aware or...

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