Ep 5: Redefining wealth from a Buddhist perspective (Ft Seow Kek Wee)

Is money the root of all evil? Should we deny wealth because it brings us more trouble? Is it really true that money can't buy happiness?

In this episode, Seow Kek Wee helps us reevaluate or relationship with money and how to achieve financial and spiritual wealth at the same time.

Ep 4: Seeing the world in shades of grey

Good and bad, isn't exactly black and white. We often identify a good person based on the actions and condemn people who do evil deeds. But does doing a bad deed, make one bad person?

Ep 2: Who are you beyond your profession? (Ft Amy Tong)

1 in 3 Singaporeans work at least 10 hours a day. Because we spend most of our waking hours working, inevitably our identify is defined by our profession and career achievement. But is that all to life? Who are you beyond the work that you do?

Ep 1: Balancing Contentment & Ambition (Ft Tan Chade Meng)

Can you be contented and ambitious at the same time? If you're at life's crossroad, not knowing if you should strive more or slow down, you're not alone! You might feel like working too hard to succeed materially might bring you too much stress and not worthwhile the chase. On the other hand, you fear that just letting things be might turn you to a complacent person, and that you're not achieiving your full potential.

Is there a sweet spot between contentment and ambition? The answer is "yes". In this episode, Tan Chade Meng, the best-selling author of Search Inside Yourself, will share how we can have the best of all worlds.

Ep 0: The start of an imperfect but beautiful journey

Our podcast is live!

Here in Episode 0, we learn more about the two hosts, Kai Xin and Cheryl as they dig deep into their hopes, fears, insecurities and bare it all out for you!

They also talk about why having an Asian Buddhist representation is so important and share their aspirations for the podcast!

Episode is available on Spotify and YouTube!