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Building a Buddhist Chatbot (NORBU-AI)

🧘‍♂️ NORBU: The 💎 AI Chatbot for Mindful Conversations🗣️ Open up to a safe space for self-reflection✨ Gain Buddhist wisdom through open dialogue📖 Learn from diverse traditions, verified sources🌺 Cultivate awareness & grow on your spiritual journey. Unlock the freedom of mindfulness with NORBU! 💭➡️🙏

Buddhism vs. Spirituality: When to Call Yourself A Buddhist? ft. Ray Choo (Director and Producer of Waking Up 2050)

In our newest episode, we delve into the intricate journey of spiritual identity with our special guest, Ray Choo, director and producer of Waking Up 2050 🎬. From his personal experiences to the broader concepts of Buddhism, Ray sheds light on embracing the Buddhist identity as a commitment to the path of wisdom and compassion, and unravel the evolving perceptions of religion and spirituality in today's world.

Ep 37: 84 Years A Buddhist – Profound Lessons on Life, Death and Kamma

What do taxes, death and kamma have in common? 🤔 You can't escape them!! Join us in this inspiring episode with Uncle Vijaya who shares candidly about his learnings as a practitioner for 84 years and how the Buddha's teachings guide him through the journey of life, and death.

Ep 35: Altered States: A Drug Addict’s Journey to Dhamma

Ever wondered how one can emerge from the darkest abyss of addiction to discover sustainable joy and transform anger into compassion? 🤔 Dive deep into the riveting narrative of personal transformation in this podcast episode, as we explore the gripping story of conquering addiction with the power of mindfulness and wisdom.

Ep 34: Leading with Mental Vulnerabilities

In Episode 34, 🎙 Sis Ching Wi shares her journey of leading with mental illness. She highlights the importance of boundaries, compassion, and nurturing potential in leadership roles. Tune in for insights on authentic connection, equanimity, and self-compassion, and her heartfelt encouragement for those silently battling their mental health. 🌟💪 #Leadership #MentalHealth 🧠

Ep 33: Ghost Month: Buddhism, Real Ghost Encounters and Hell

Have you ever wondered why do people offer food in ghost month? Can ghosts eat them?

Join our lovely podcast co-hosts Kai Xin and Cheryl on an engaging chat exploring Buddhism's take on the origins of ghost month, ghostly encounters and hell.

To make this episode even more terrifying or interesting (depending on whether you are a scaredy cat like Cheryl or a brave soul like Kai Xin), we are also going to read real life ghost stories submitted from our audiences.

Stay tuned and learn more about ghosts!

Ep 32: Greendot CEO, Fu Yong Hong on Growth, Purpose and Balance

We speak to Greendot Singapore's CEO, Yong Hong on his entrepreneurial journey, discover Green Dot's rise from a veggie stall to a beloved meat-free empire. and cover many learnings about his experiences, including
Personal growth: Yong Hong's vegetarian transformation.
⏳ Patience for success: Valuable long-term insights.
👪 Parenthood's impact: Shifting life perspectives.
⚖️ Balanced living: The four pillars of purposeful life.
🧠 Mental wellness: Practical healthy mindset tips.
🌟 Finding purpose: Tailored advice for young adults.
Tune in for growth and inspiration 🎧🌱🚀

Ep 30: The Overachiever Mindset ft. Venerable Damcho

Are you someone who constantly seeks to go above and beyond, setting high standards for yourself?

Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of overachievers with Venerable Damcho and explore the intricate dynamics that drive their relentless pursuit of success.

Ep 27: Sex and The Buddhist (Ft Venerable Damcho and Wilson Ng)

Our sexuality, sexual relations and desires can play a big part of our lives as we navigate sometimes messy and chaotic adulthood. In this episode, you will be hearing new voices on the show! Wilson and Cheryl will be partnering up as co-hosts, and we dive into this topic with Venerable Damcho, a nun based in Sravasti Abbey.

Buddhist nun

Ep 26: Can fear & shame pave the way to enlightenment?

Forget the avengers. Hiri & Otappa are taught to be the guardians of the world. Translated as wise fear and shame, these two mental qualities can actually lead us to peace. Tune in to learn about the misconceptions and the super power of guarding your minds, of protecting yourself and others around.

Ep24: Recipe to a 15-year healthy relationship

Is it possible to sustain a healthy and successful relationship despite the big differences you have with your partner? Kar Fei, a life coach from Malaysia, speaks from his experience and shares the 3 main factors that make a relationship last while staying happy.

Recipe to a 15-year healthy relationship (Ep 24, a chat with Kar Fei, Life Coach)