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Building a Spiritual Bridge: Introducing Buddhism to My Non-Buddhist Partner

We naturally seek a spouse who is physically, emotionally and spiritually compatible. However, compatibility may not need to be rigid definitions. Sometimes, we fall in love with people that we think are religiously incompatible. Ze Wen shares his experience (not dating advice) on how he navigated his journey of introducing Buddhism to his non-Buddhist spouse and in-laws.

#WW: 😴 Clutter erodes our focus, here’s how we can be better

Happy month of labour day! How can we become better 'workers' or professionals in the line of work? Minimalism and its value of decluttering might be an interesting way to be more effective at the work place!

Minimalism is more than clearing things, here's what you might've missed
Decluttering as a zen meditation

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Welcome to Handful of Leaves, a Buddhist blog for youths seeking practical wisdom for a fulfilling life. Our mission is to share the teachings, reflections & practice of Dhamma in a relatable and accessible way for young people in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. By learning about mindfulness, compassion, impermanance and inner peace through our articles and resources, you can gain the tools to navigate through the complexities of modern life with grace and clarity. Join us on a journey to discover how this ancient wisdom can help us live life to the fullest with more meaning & purpose.


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