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Ep 34: Leading with Mental Vulnerabilities

In Episode 34, 🎙 Sis Ching Wi shares her journey of leading with mental illness. She highlights the importance of boundaries, compassion, and nurturing potential in leadership roles. Tune in for insights on authentic connection, equanimity, and self-compassion, and her heartfelt encouragement for those silently battling their mental health. 🌟💪 #Leadership #MentalHealth 🧠

If Dhamma was an online game, how would you play?

How often have we, after a long day at work or school, tried to unplug ourselves from reality by watching dramas and playing games? What if there was another way to think about it?-What role would the Dhamma and Buddhist teachings play in such a game?

Ep 33: Ghost Month: Buddhism, Real Ghost Encounters and Hell

Have you ever wondered why do people offer food in ghost month? Can ghosts eat them?

Join our lovely podcast co-hosts Kai Xin and Cheryl on an engaging chat exploring Buddhism's take on the origins of ghost month, ghostly encounters and hell.

To make this episode even more terrifying or interesting (depending on whether you are a scaredy cat like Cheryl or a brave soul like Kai Xin), we are also going to read real life ghost stories submitted from our audiences.

Stay tuned and learn more about ghosts!

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