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WW: 🤚”Stop prioritising happiness in life. Scientists say it hurts. ” 

In life, we often choose what makes us feel good first and avoid the unpleasant. But scientists discovered that prioritising happiness can backfire and move us further away from being truly happy. But what exactly is happiness and how can we pursue it successfully? Here are two sharings that offer some answers: 

1. Don’t chase happiness. Become antifragile.
2. Choose pain first

4 Hidden Ways To Have Deeper Conversations

Ever had a deep conversation when time flew by and you connected wholeheartedly with your confidante? Oddly, time froze and you were fully present. How can we create conditions for such conversations to occur?

#WW: 🚀 Kathina: A Buddhist festival concerning clothing you might not have heard of.

Buddhist Lent has ended. The 3 months of rainy season is an opportunity for monastics to strengthen their practice and not venture out of the monastery (as much as possible). This 3 months completion is marked by Kathina. Not sure what that is? Don't worry we got you covered! Here are two content you can digest. One on Kathina and the other on giving.
1. The history of Kathina explained by a Singapore monk in a witty manner
2. When should a gift be given?

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