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#WW:🤭 Saying no at work when you’re a people pleaser.

One of the key tenets of the Buddha’s eightfold path is ‘right speech’ . Sometimes, we may mistake practising ‘right speech’ as trying to never ‘say no’. How can we improve the way we say no at work so that we protect our space? In addition, how what is a quick way to understand right speech? Here are two helpful materials for us to practice wise speech at the workplace. 

1. 7 tips for saying no at work without destroying relationships
2. 4 types of speech to avoid

Recipe to a 15-year healthy relationship (Ep 24, a chat with Kar Fei, Life Coach)

Ep24: Recipe to a 15-year healthy relationship

Is it possible to sustain a healthy and successful relationship despite the big differences you have with your partner? Kar Fei, a life coach from Malaysia, speaks from his experience and shares the 3 main factors that make a relationship last while staying happy.

I took a break from the noisy world for 10 days. Here’s what I learnt.

The opportunity to sit in silence for 10 days was equally the hardest and most gratifying experience I’ve had so far. I decided to write about my Vipassana experience and try to distil my observations and reflections. Whether you one day embark on a similar retreat, or even if you don’t, I hope it encourages everyone to introspect on their mental thought patterns in a beneficial way.

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