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#WW: “Join my religion. You will be saved.” Conversations on Religious Conversions

Conversions and attempts at conversion are something we may keep quiet about. This week we explore this prickly topic and how we can manage proselytising when it happens. On the flip side, do Buddhist try to convert others?1. "Hi, would you like to convert to my religion?": Agreeing to disagree2. Do Buddhists convert people? : Don't Ask Strangers If They've Found Buddha

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#WW: 🤔Many people want to change the world and help others. But how do you do that?

How can we bring impact in this world? Is being a good spiritual guide the most important thing? Here are two stories to ponder over as we try our best to be a force of good in this world
1. How to make an impact? Light your own candle
2. It is not important to be a good fighter or a good spiritual guide. Here's what is most important.


Ep 13: Can we cure death? (Ft Dr Ng Yuen Yen)

I see life and death very close up, because of my work in emergency medicine, that I'm unable as a doctor, to cure death. And then I sort of wake up. Oh, the Buddha has cured death, the Buddha has understood death, I have to understand that for myself.

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#WW: 🤢Plot twist: You are ‘the’ toxic friend. Here are 6 signs to avoid being one.

This month is one focused on mental health and mental well being. We often try to understand how we can support our friends. Plot twist: What if our actions are harming them instead? How can identify these signs and do better? The truth is less shocking than we think. Here's two stories to support our journey in becoming a better support!
1. 6 Signs YOU'RE the Toxic Friend
2. What to say and not to say when supporting a friend

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#WW: 👩‍👧Can you ever be happy again after your daughter died?

白发送黑发 (White-haired person sends off black-haired person) is a common taboo subject that we avoid in our culture. However, it happens. Elderly sometimes have to witness the death of their offspring. How do we deal with such situations? Today, in the spirit of ghost month, we explore the topic of death.
1. My daughter died of leukemia. Is it possible to ever be truly happy again?
2. Grief and loss. Here's how attending a concert shows you the difference.


Ep 12: Dealing with difficult emotions (Ft Sis Ratna Juita)

Fear, anxiety, sadness, and worry. These are difficult emotions to deal with and you probably rather not want to experience them. But what if these emotions are trying to teach us important lessons?

Ratna shares with us how to deal with them and leverage them for growth.

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