#WW:😪Types of burnout you should be aware of 

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Published on Feb 15, 2023
Types of burnout you should be aware of

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Burnout can happen anytime and anywhere. When it happens, the whole world feels shakey and dark. How can we identify if we are falling into such states? Is leaving a career/ relationship that is causing us great stress a bad thing? Here are two resources that might benefit you.  

1. There are different types of burnout, do you identify with any of these?
2. Maybe it is time to leave.

There are different types of burnout, do you identify with any of these?

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What’s going on here & Why we like it

Havard Business Review, a business media platform, shares about the different types of burnout that one might be facing. We like it because it is widely encompassing and it also forces us to do a reality check on ourselves at work. When we are fully burnout, we aren’t in the mindstate to decide on what’s best and that might impact those who are closest to us. Using this resource enables us to catch burnout before it happens.

“While burnout is a common workplace affliction, it comes in different shapes and sizes”

Wise Steps

  • Identify if we are facing any of these archetypes and if we can take active steps to prevent them from accelerating
  • Talk to a mentor if you are feeling uncertain about your job or just not feeling it is the right fit. A listening ear might just help

Check out the post here or below!

Maybe it is time to leave.

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What’s going on here & why we like it

The tiny wisdom, an awesome Instagram comics page, shares a comic about leaving. Knowing when it is time to leave and grow. Often, we think of leaving as a failure on our part. However, this comic shines a new light on leaving. It is painful but it enables us to see and go places we’ve never been or done. We like it because it reframes leaving from something generally negative to something positive. Maybe this is a time to leave a job or a working relationship behind to grow. 

Her simple analogy of climbing a mountain that you no longer have joy in climbing hits home hard as young working adults. We may wish for a promotion/ dream job/ dream partner only to realise it is not what we wanted. It is okay to acknowledge that things change and give up.

“But at some point life goes on

And we need to go

To places we’ve never been

To do things we’ve never done

To experience life while we can”

Wise Steps

  1. Search within: What bad qualities/ unskillful behaviour can we leave behind this month?
  2. Contemplate: Are we holding on to an ideal career/life that everyone except yourself seems to envy?
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