#WW: πŸ˜ͺ Mommy verbally abuses Daddy daily. What can I do?

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Published on Oct 18, 2023

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Home conflicts can be a struggle. What does a Buddhsit monk advice to his followers to do when in such a situation? How can we prevent ourselves from becoming our biggest enemy? Today we explore one Dhamma story and one personal sharing

  1. Mummy is always scolding Dad, what can I do?
  2. Speak to yourself the way you would speak to a friend.

Mummy is always scolding Dad, what can I do?

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Ajahn Kalyano, Abbot of Buddha Bodhivana Monastery, answers a question about verbal abuse in the family. He shares some useful tips that a child can undertake to help reduce friction at home. He shares also how we have to see that the abuser is also stuck by their conditions and we can do what is skillful to help them increase that awareness

You’re not going to be able to teach your mother…help her be more aware of what she is doing.

Wise Steps

  • Can we see the suffering in the person who inflicts harm on our loved ones? Will that change our approach to them?
  • Contemplate: How can I raise awareness of the harm caused by our loved ones?

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Speak to yourself the way you would speak to a friend.

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Peter Attia, a MD focused on longevity science, shares how we can remove negative self talk by imagining our self criticism differently. When we fail, we tend to talk to ourselves negatively and harshly, Peter recommends talking to ourselves in the manner which we would talk to our own best friend. It is amazing how much compassion we show for others and not for ourselves.

I was in tears… It was such a shift of how kind I was being to that person.

Wise Steps

  • When was the last time you talked kindly to yourself?
  • Everytime the self critic arises, talk to yourself the way you would talk to a bestfriend who screwed up

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