#WW: πŸ˜” Does kindness get in the way of success?

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Published on Jun 7, 2023

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In the corporate world, we hear that the kind get eaten alive. Is that really true? Must we always look at things from a win-lose mentality? Is kindness the antithesis of being effective? Let’s explore 2 resources today!

  1. Does kindness kill our success?
  2. How can kindness help our meditation?

Does kindness kill our success?

England football manager Gareth Southgate’s success has been built on empathy and compassion (Credit: Getty Images)


Claudia Hammond, a writer for the BBC, shares that while kindness is generally seen as a positive trait, people feel taken advantage of in tough situations when they are kind. Knowing how to balance kindness and assertiveness is key to maintaining positive relationships. We like how she explores the impact of kindness on each situation with real-life examples!

“Of course, there are still plenty of examples of people who do well in life who are self-centred and unkind to others. But the point is that despite what we might see in The Apprentice or Succession, you don’t have to be hard-nosed and obnoxious to get on in business or other highly competitive walks of life.”

Wise Steps

  • What are some opportunities for you to be kind at the workplace?
  • Recall the kindness of leaders you admire and apply those at work!

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How can kindness help our meditation?

Cr: Unsplash


Ajahn Anan, a Thai Buddhist meditation master, shares how kindness and compassion towards oneself and others are crucial for our growth. Often, we try meditation after a hard day to ‘calm ourselves’ without first softening our hearts through self-compassion. Building kindness requires us to also extend kindness to people we have harmed in the past.

“When we extend kindness and compassion to others, even those who have harmed us in the past, we are able to break free from the cycle of negativity and cultivate a sense of inner peace and happiness.”

Wise Steps

  • How often are we kind to others and how often to ourselves?
  • Contemplate: What are some ways I can cultivate kindness in my daily life?

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