#WW:🤯 Selfish Meditators & The Comparing Mind

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Published on Jan 19, 2022

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Two wholesome content for you today!

We explore a ‘critique’ of meditation in secular settings and how we can break out of our comparing loop.

Meditation & mindfulness makes you more selfish? Really?

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What’s going on here

CNA Article covers how mindfulness in secular settings can possibly lead to heightened levels of selfishness and independent-minded thinking. The take-home message? Mindfulness could lead to good social outcomes or bad ones, depending on context.

Why we like it

The author shares that mindfulness and Buddhism cannot be practised in separate worlds. Right Mindfulness is part of the noble 8 fold path. For one to ‘benefit’ from it in the spiritual sense, we need to develop other parts of the path.

If practitioners strive to use mindfulness to reduce suffering, rather than increase it, it’s important to ensure that people are also mindful of themselves as existing in relation with others.

Wise Steps

Even snipers can be taught ‘mindfulness’ of breathing in killing other beings. Know how to ground wholesome qualities in meditation (such as metta) and be familiar with the other aspects of the eightfold path

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Comparison is the thief of joy…so how do we stop comparing?

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What’s going on here

Ryan Holiday, a stoic writer, shares quick questions we can use to get over our comparing mind state. Comparison is the thief of joy, how shall we fight that default mind state?

Why we like it

While we intellectually know that comparing ourselves to our peers’ social media profiles is not healthy, it is hard to ignore it. These stoic thought experiments can help us jump out of the spirals of comparisons

“Enough will be never be enough for the person to whom enough is too little”

Wise Steps

When we catch ourselves thinking ‘wow, that person has such a shiok life’, reflect about what you have and how you might envy yourself right now if you weren’t yourself.

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