Ophelia is a huge proponent of therapy as a means of finding out how we can grow. As an introvert, she inclines to lose herself in a good book, in the forest or in the silence of a conversation. Ophelia broods over little musings in life. She searches for ways of living in this effervescent world while very much attracted to its impermanence. Words are her way of connecting with people, at the start and at the end.
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IWD: The Exhausted Woman’s Guide to Self-Care

Ladies, if you are feeling constantly tired, you’re not the only one. I dare say it is a gender-wide phenomenon. This article looks into why we are perpetually exhausted and proposes the undermentioned—tending to our own needs. If you are a man who wants to understand how you can support the women in your life, this article is for you.

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WW: 😢 “I am not good enough”: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Ever said, “nah, I was just lucky” when someone else lauded us for our achievements? Deep down, we may feel like a fraud who pulled a trick to fool others of our success. Fake it until we make it. But with Imposter syndrome, we don’t ever ‘make it’. If you wonder why we feel this and how we can stop holding ourselves back, here are two resources that examine different angles of self-belief and true confidence:

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Chanting Is Not Boring. It Is Crazy Helpful.

TLDR: Chanting keeps the mind afloat on the choppy waves of suffering. Connecting you to others across time and space, the ritual of chanting creates a refuge from pain. The healing device of chanting is anything but boring! Yeap, you read it right. Chanting is...

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A Fresh Take on Different Faiths in Singapore

Are we truly a rainbow of a thousand colours, lighting up the sky? With Singapore’s myriad of diverse identities, we can receive its cultural melting pot with kindness and an open heart. Reflecting on two vignettes, we refresh commonality and connect uncharted dots between faiths.

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Film Review: Master Sheng Yen – A Life Story

Paying homage to Master Sheng Yen and his movement to revive  Ch’an (禅) Buddhist practice in Taiwan, the United States and around the world, the documentary paints a beautiful portrait of Master’s selfless life a decade after his passing in 2009.