#WW: 😡’ That really pisses me off ‘- A monk teaches an unhappy woman about happiness

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Published on Oct 26, 2022

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The world is smiling and you are in a bad mood…life can just suck that way sometimes. Such situations can make us feel worse especially in a contrasting environment. How can we approach such tough emotions when they arise? Here are two stories on negative mind states

1. Don’t worry, be grumpy

2. Maturity and the way we look at ourselves

Don’t worry, be grumpy

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What’s going on here & Why we like it

Ajahn Brahm, a famous Buddhist monk, shares how he advised one of his followers who was feeling grumpy. He paints an authentic picture of the Buddhist practice…one that acknowledges the imperfect side of things. We all feel unhappy sometimes and what we can do for ourselves is to be kind and mindful. Rather than be perfectly at peace.

“There are many human goings. Many human doings, but very few human beings”

Wise Steps

How often do we create perfect personas of ourselves that shatter upon adversity? Next time, when we encounter pain, give ourselves time to feel and process it. Your licence to be grumpy is here!

Check out the video here or below!

Maturity and the way we look at ourselves

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What’s going on here & why we like it

Yung Pueblo, a famous author, meditator & poet, shares a little reminder for us to not get into self-analysis when we are feeling down. We can’t trust such views of ourselves when we are feeling down as they would paint an inaccurate picture of ourselves! We like it because we often pass the harshest self-criticism when we are down.

“When your mood is heavy and down, suspend all self-analysis. When the mind is inclined toward negativity it will not be able to measure your progress well.”

Wise Steps

Our self-analysis shines best when we have a calm mood. Hence, try to detach away from inner head voices when we are down. Be aware of those inner voices and learn to hear but not engage them till the sun shines again.

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