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Published on Dec 28, 2022

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“That’s just the way it is” Have you been uttering that to yourself lately as you knock out from work? You might be stuck in the rat race. Recognising our “stuck-ness” is the first step into taking active directions to change our life’s trajectory. The year has ended. What will you do in 2023? Here are two sharings to get you in a better state for 2023.

1. “That’s just the way things are”: Signs you are in a rat race
2. The curse of comparison

That’s just the way things are”: Signs you are in a rat race

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What’s going on here & Why we like it

Jacked Aecus, a personal development coach, shares 7 signs to identify if we are stuck in a rat race. What’s so bad about being in a rat race? It ultimately tires/burns you out with no actual, tangible reward. It is a hamster wheel that brings you nowhere. We like this tweet thread for the frankness and actionability it brings to our lives.

Use this post to check in on your 2022 and how you wish to shape your 2023 going forward. Will you still be stuck? Or will you choose some wise ways to improve the parts of your life that have been slipping away?

“Are you constantly checking your phone or taking calls from colleagues?”

Wise Steps

  1. Looking at these 7 signs, how many can you identify with? What are some ways you can improve on them for 2023?

Check out the post here or below!

7 warning signs that tell you are stuck in the rat race @JackedAecus #Stocksify

Posted by Stocksify on Thursday, September 1, 2022

The curse of comparison

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What’s going on here & why we like it

Ravi Tandon, a contributor on LinkedIn , shares his contemplations on the urge of comparison and tactics towards countering our endless need to compare. He contemplates using the idea of “The Buddha Mind” to approach the world. We love how he distills facts about work life and our comparisons into 10 salient points. For example, by shining a light on the perspective of time through taking the entire span of time since the Big Bang. Ravi reminds us that we are little specks of time. Just 3 seconds in the grand scheme of things.

We found many Dhammic elements in this article that is worthwhile reading (while browsing LinkedIn!)

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“Run your race. Better still, live your race, and you shall be more fulfilled.”

Wise Steps

  1. What race are you running now? Is it for yourself/passions or for your ego?
  2. Stand on the shoulders of giants by reading more in 2023; to learn from others’ experiences.

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