#WW: 五 Questions to ask before you ‘chope’ a potential partner for life.

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Published on Feb 8, 2023
Questions to ask yourself about a potential partner

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Is she/he the ‘right one’ for me? This valentine’s day, we may be going on dates or even planning to propose. Asking deeper questions about the person who might be our life partner is crucial to reach long term stability in life and on the path. We lean on Venerable Tenzin Palmo’s wisdom on differentiating between love and attachment.

1. 10 Questions to ask yourself before you ‘chope’ your life partner.
2. Are you mistaking love for attachment?

10 Questions to ask yourself before you ‘chope’ your life partner

Cr: Origame’s Chope Game

What’s going on here & Why we like it

Dr Manahil Riaz, a mental health professional, shares about 10 questions to ask before we get together with our life partner. Often we focus on qualities to know if the partner is the one such as ‘kind’, ‘nice’, ‘good-looker’ (Joking). But often our eyes might be blinded by hope and love and we find ourself scrambling to justify a bad fit for us. Asking these questions will help shake things up in us and give us more space for wisdom. However, answering ‘no’ to some of these questions is not a dealbreaker, it just shows spaces for us to grow and communicate about.

“Can they apologise and own their actions?

Wise Steps

  1. Are we too quick to ‘chope’ someone because we are pushed by the ‘scarcity’ of good people?
  2. Contemplate if we are able to answer them too as individuals? We can’t expect from others what we can’t provide as well.

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Are you mistaking love for attachment?

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What’s going on here & why we like it

How do we know that we are grasping onto someone which inevitably hurts them? Tenzin Palmo, a renowned Tibetan nun, shares how we can identify whether we are loving someone or attaching onto someone. We like this video because Tenzin Palmo uses great analogies for us to introspect and rethink the way we approach our loved ones.

“Attachment says ‘I love you therefore I want you to make me happy.’ Genuine love says ‘I love you and therefore I want you to be happy.’ Attachment is like holding really tight.

Wise Steps

  1. Are we afraid of getting hurt when we do things for others?
  2. Are we trying to fulfill ourselves and all of our needs through another person in a relationship?
  3. Are we projecting our strong ideals on a person which the other person (or any other human) cannot be in reality?

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