#WW: 🤢Plot twist: You are ‘the’ toxic friend. Here are 6 signs to avoid being one.

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Published on Sep 7, 2022

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This month is one focused on mental health and mental well being. We often try to understand how we can support our friends. Plot twist: What if our actions are harming them instead? How can identify these signs and do better? The truth is less shocking than we think. Here’s two stories to support our journey in becoming a better support!

1. 6 Signs YOU’RE the Toxic Friend

2. What to say and not to say when supporting a friend

6 Signs YOU’RE the Toxic Friend

Snapshot from the video

What’s going on here & Why we like it

Psych2go, a youtube channel focused on mental health, shares 6 signs that help us identify if we are the toxic friend we wished we wouldn’t be. We like it because we often like to think of ourselves as helping others and being kind to our friends. This video shines a light on our potential blind spots. Don’t root for their success? Enable their negative and self-destructive behaviour? These are some signs that there might be signs of toxicity. Don’t despair if you find these signs in you, it is an opportunity to grow and develop!

“Is it hard for you to say sorry? We all make mistakes…But if your response is to tell others to suck it up and not worry about it without considering how they feel, then you are doing more harm than good to your relationship”

Wise Steps

It is tough to shine a light on our blind spots. Running through this list of signs can help us be the friend our friends need.

Check out the video here or below!

What to say and not to say when supporting a friend

Snapshot from Maggie the Therapist

What’s going on here & why we like it

Maggie, a therapist, shares on what are some signs of toxic positivity, why it is toxic, and what we can say to our friends that are feeling down. This provides readers with a very actionable list of things to say when stuck in a situation where we are inclined to say ‘just try to smile!’ or ‘good vibes only’. We love it for its actionability and practicality. Enjoy!

“It (toxic positivity) provides false reassurance rather than genuine empathy”

Wise Steps

Follow and memorise some of the phrases to say if you are often stuck in knowing what to say. Ultimately, we have to also apply empathy and compassion when supporting friends. Though our words are one part of the story of helping others…knowing what to say is a helpful starting point.

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