#WW: 😅”Nah, I played a small role.”: How often do we refuse praise?

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Published on Nov 23, 2022

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Be humble. Don’t claim credit. Heard this at work or during projects? How often do we undermine ourselves at work and amongst friends? Here are two stories today to help you take credit when it is due and how to remove hesistance

1. I don’t deserve it, other people do much more.

2. Interrupting your what ifs

I don’t deserve it, other people do much more.

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What’s going on here & Why we like it

Ajahn Brahm, a famous Buddhist monk, shares his personal experience of refuting praise as a norm and his further reflections on it. We have time-stamped the segment on this talk for those busy folks! In Asian societies, taking credit can be frowned upon and we sometimes feel devalued. Ajahn Brahm reminds us to celebrate our wins and have a little fun

“I was saying no. I don’t deserve it, other people do much more than me….I realised I deserved that and that changed me. I started to realise how often we refuse praise and how wonderful it is when we accept praise”

Wise Steps

Taking in praise enables us to strive harder and be worthy of future praises. Take in the little wins of life that makes you smile!

Check out the video here or below!


Interrupting your what ifs

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What’s going on here & why we like it

Mel Robbins, a famous podcaster, shares how we can overcome resistance and a ruminating mind that keeps playing through our what-ifs. We like it because we are often paralysed by the prospect of failures and do not see the possibilities. Comfort can become a place that holds us back from reaching out towards a brighter and happier life.

“What if it all works out? What if this turns out to be the hardest thing I do but the best decision I’ve made.”

Wise Steps

When was the last time you placed a bet on yourself and not what others said? Try Mel’s technique of replacing the critic within with something more supportive.

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