WW: 😪 “I love the idea of meditation but I don’t meditate.” Here’s what can change that.

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Published on Jan 25, 2023
I love the idea of meditation but I don't meditate

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Trying to meditate and struggling to make it consistent? We know meditation is important but we often miss a few days or two and then…. it becomes a month without meditation. We explore two ways to go beyond ‘loving the idea’ of meditation and doing it consistently.

1. Tips for Lazy Meditators

2. A challenge to make your meditation habit stick

Tips for Lazy Meditators

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What’s going on here & Why we like it

Ajahn Brahm, a Buddhist monk from Australia, shares on spirituality and our occasional obsession with dogma. The notion that we take on labels (e.g. I am a Buddhist from Singapore/Malaysia who follows xxx teacher) prevents us from being expansive in our hearts.

Ajahn Brahm then also shares a unique moment where a reporter scolded Dalai Lama on receiving a skirt from a poor lady. A pretty fascinating response from Dalai Lama that embodies the spirit of Christmas. We have time-stamped the story in the video below.

“You build a circle that grows, grows, and grows. And all those things you have fear of in the past. It vanishes.”

Wise Steps

What views are you holding on to that prevent you from embracing the differences in others?

Check out the video here or below!

A challenge to make your meditation habit stick

Heavy Commitments are hard to stick with. Cr: Unsplash

What’s going on here & why we like it

The team at HOL has crafted a HOL 30-day challenge which you can check out and try to kickstart the year with consistency. Do give it a shot with short meditation videos you can follow daily!

“What you are is what you have been. What you’ll be is what you do now.”

Wise Steps

When was the latest time you tried something new for 30 days? The sign you have been waiting for is here 😉

Get onto your challenge right here!

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