#WW: 😱 Good at giving advice to others but not to yourself? This might help

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Published on Jun 21, 2023

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How often do we find ourselves giving advice to our distressed friends but failing to follow it ourselves? We dive into two resources today to better help ourselves in this journey of life.

  1. Give yourself better advice
  2. Self-Compassion While Helping Others

Give yourself better advice

King Solomon. Image from the Big Think


Discover the intriguing psychology behind why we often struggle to follow our own wise advice. It’s like our brains have a mind of their own! The Big Think recommends actionable ways to help ourselves by exploring self-talk, journaling, identifying with someone else,

On the one hand, we have general wisdom, which is said to be interpersonal — between yourself and someone external to you. On the other hand, we have personal wisdom, which is intrapersonal — between yourself and your own affairs.

Wise Steps

  • What’s one piece of advice you can action on right now?
  • Contemplate: How can I grow my wisdom through different activities today?

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Self-Compassion While Helping Others

CR: Unsplash


Khandro Rinpoche, a Tibetan Nun, shares with a follower who is trying to be kind to others but struggles to have kindness for herself. Khandro Rinpoche is encouraging towards her follower and gives a short teaching on how reflecting on impermanence and meditation can help the individual overcome her difficulties.

We all aspire to bring perfection, but don’t expect perfection in everything that you do…Never plan on how kind you are going to be tomorrow. If you can hold up to the next hour, that’s already very good.

Wise Steps

  • When was the last time we put down the struggle for perfection and took up compassion for ourselves?
  • Finding a mantra that anchors you can bring you further on the path of helping yourself and others

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