#WW: 🌝 Does your happiness behave like the stock market? This might just help

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Published on Dec 7, 2022

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Stock market’s highs and lows. Is that similiar to our happiness? Can it be different? One monk shares about stabilising our peace while the other shares about seeing the good in us. Here are two stories for feeling less like the stock market!

1. Diamonds you have missed

2. What an ugly wall can teach us about happiness

Diamonds you have missed

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What’s going on here & Why we like it

Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, a renowned tibetan monk, shares how our happiness can be more lasting if we search within and find the great qualities within us. We love his analogy of diamonds and stones which reminds us to see the bigger picture things and not get caught up with the stones in our lives.

“If we only see the stones, we will miss the diamonds within ourselves”

Wise Steps

How many diamonds have you missed in your life? Are you fully chasing outside happiness without regard for inner stability? Find time to reflect on the diamonds you might possess in your life!

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What an ugly wall can teach us about happiness

What’s going on here & why we like it

Ajahn Brahm, a famous monk in Australia, shares his struggles when building a monastery in Australia. A place where Dhamma wasn’t as well known back then.

In this story, he shares his greatest ‘enemy’ of that time, an ugly wall which he built. We love his honesty in sharing his raw emotions towards chasing perfection. Reminds us that monks are human and struggle sometimes on the path.

“We see huge exclamation points around the mistakes that we’ve made, but they’re usually invisible to others. And when others do notice, they quickly forget.”

Wise Steps

We might often see the bad bricks in others and they become our mortal enemy at work or at home. However, can we spot the good bricks in them? Realising this might just soften your displeasure with people you dislike.

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