#WW: 😴 Clutter erodes our focus, here’s how we can be better

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Published on May 10, 2023

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Happy month of labour day! How can we become better ‘workers’ or professionals in the line of work? Minimalism and its value of decluttering might be an interesting way to be more effective at the work place!

  1. Minimalism is more than clearing things, here’s what you might’ve missed
  2. Decluttering as a zen meditation

Minimalism is more than clearing things, here’s what you might’ve missed

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What’s going on here & Why we like it

Ben Meer, an influencer focused on personal development, shares 5 life clutter areas people might miss. These are relationship clutter, physical clutter, digital clutter, financial clutter, and time clutter. We like how actionable it is to declutter our lives at this very moment so that we can focus on what is truly important.

“Fewer possessions = more freedom/optionality”

Wise Steps

  • Contemplate: What can you declutter today?
  •  Avoid the hedonic treadmill (pursuing one pleasure after another without experiencing any material change in happiness)

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Decluttering as a zen meditation

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What’s going on here & why we like it

Leo Babauta, zen habits’ creator, shares how decluttering might seem overwhelming but it can be also seen as peaceful meditation. Leo shares three areas of decluttering by defining clutter, letting it go mindfully, and clutter as mindfulness practice

“Clutter might be things we think we might need sometime in the future. We hold on to them just in case. Over-packing for a trip is a good example — we bring more than we really need, just in case we need them. It’s the same in our houses — we have a ton of things we don’t really need or use, just in case.”

Wise Steps

  • What’s one thing that you can declutter right now?
  • Clear one surface in your room/house now, do so slowly and mindfully.

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