#WW: 🤔Many people want to change the world and help others. But how do you do that?

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Published on Sep 14, 2022

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How can we bring impact in this world? Is being a good spiritual guide the most important thing? Here are two stories to ponder over as we try our best to be a force of good in this world

1. How to make an impact? Light your own candle

2. It is not important to be a good fighter or a good spiritual guide. Here’s what is most important.

How to Make an Impact? Light your own candle

Snapshot from the video

What’s going on here & Why we like it

Venerable Nick, a Thai monk living in USA, shares about a recent Dhamma event they did on lighting candles. He shares about how we have to slowly work on ourselves to be more peaceful and kind before we try to change the world. When we can model that as a person we can shift the whole world. We like it because he beautifully explains a common ritual of lighting candles and how it ties to the practice and world peace!

“Take this concept, be very patient, and again whatever you want to help to fix the world with, try to fix yourself first”

Wise Steps

For those of us trying to change the world to be more peaceful and kind, this video gives us a good pause to look at ourselves and see where we can grow as people.

Check out the video here or below!

It is not important to be a good fighter or a good spiritual guide. Here’s what is most important.

Shaolin Temple

What’s going on here & why we like it

Shi Heng Yi, headmaster of a Shaolin Temple, shares on what is important for us as we walk the path and to live a pleasant life. We like this video as it is short and powerful. It resets our take on what is truly important.

“If you don’t this way of reducing the suffering of your surrounding, your suffering won’t stop.”

Wise Steps

We are impacted by our surroundings. No matter which culture, family, or religion we are in. Finding ways to relieve the suffering of our surrounding friends, family, and workplace will help us become better and happier.

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