#WW: ☁️Floating through zoom calls? It is okay to feel lost

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Published on Jun 29, 2022

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These are uncertain times. With lay offs happening across industries especially in the tech sector, we might feel this creeping anxiety of being retrenched. For those of us who see our colleagues get retrenched, we might feel lost in our careers. That’s probably okay and human to feel that way. Here are 2 articles to get you through these tough times

1. It is okay to feel lost. We all do.

2. Prolonged Uncertainty is a pain. What can we do about it?

It is okay to feel lost. We all do.

From Tiny Wisdom

What’s going on here & why we like it

Tiny Wisdom, a blog focused on short stories of wisdom, shares a deep comic strip about floating through zoom calls and wanting to be somewhere else. It might just be the comic strip that you need. It connects with us as readers as it is simple in its message and reminds us that it is okay to not ‘have it together’.

“I may not be able to be the person I want

But if I can’t be one thing,

That doesn’t mean I can’t be something.

Wise Steps

Remind yourself that while it is easy to think that you ‘are not the best’, it is important to acknowledge that you are trying your best too!

Read the article here.

Prolonged Uncertainty is a pain. What can we do about it?

Cr: estherperelofficial

What’s going on here & why we like it

Instead of lashing out or screaming ‘I am stressed’, what are some ways we can approach all the uncertainty swirling in our lives? Esther highlights 4 ways we can do better in prolonged uncertainty. We like it because it is very much aligned with Buddhist teachings of identifying emotions, removing obstacles, reflecting, and helping others

“Connecting with the past and tying it to the present can give perspective, and encourage us in times of struggle.”

Wise Steps

Pay attention to what you pay attention to! What we consume and how often we consume news, debates, and social media can negatively affect our anxiety about prolonged uncertainty.

Enjoy the advice below!

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