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Ep 18: Friendship breakup (Ft Khema & Nalanda)

When and how should we break up with friends? 4 persons, 4 stories of friendship breakup - being bullied, being in love with a friend whose attached, walking away from toxic circle, and healing old wounds.

Ep 16: Dealing with suicidal thoughts

Having suicidal thoughts is more common than we think. If you’re feeling suicidal or if you know someone who is suicidal, this could perhaps help to shed light on what they’re going through and how you can be of support to them.

Ep 13: Can we cure death? (Ft Dr Ng Yuen Yen)

I see life and death very close up, because of my work in emergency medicine, that I'm unable as a doctor, to cure death. And then I sort of wake up. Oh, the Buddha has cured death, the Buddha has understood death, I have to understand that for myself.

Ep 12: Dealing with difficult emotions (Ft Sis Ratna Juita)

Fear, anxiety, sadness, and worry. These are difficult emotions to deal with and you probably rather not want to experience them. But what if these emotions are trying to teach us important lessons?

Ratna shares with us how to deal with them and leverage them for growth.

Ep11 Surviving Toxic Workplaces (Ft Datuk Charlie)

In this dog-eat-dog world, inevitably there will be jealous colleagues who see you as a threat and start making things hard for you.

Is there a way to play this game well without losing our virtue and sanity? Datuk Charlie Chia shows us how it can be done.

Ep 9: From the Himalayas to a Car Crash: Wisdom in Chaos

She backpacked on her own to the Himalaya Mountains in search for the truth. With decades of meditation practice, Amy shares how mindfulness has helped her in a car crash and how to navigate the complexities of our time.

Ep 7: Cultivating Empathy & Living Authentically (Ft Gwen Yi)

Gwen's work has received recognition from TED, Obama Foundation, and The World Economic Forum. Beyond these achievements, Gwen shares her journey dealing with anxiety and depression, and what it truly means to be vulnerable, authentic, and empathetic.

Ep 5: Redefining wealth from a Buddhist perspective (Ft Seow Kek Wee)

Is money the root of all evil? Should we deny wealth because it brings us more trouble? Is it really true that money can't buy happiness?

In this episode, Seow Kek Wee helps us reevaluate or relationship with money and how to achieve financial and spiritual wealth at the same time.

Ep 4: Seeing the world in shades of grey

Good and bad, isn't exactly black and white. We often identify a good person based on the actions and condemn people who do evil deeds. But does doing a bad deed, make one bad person?