Jia Xin (Khemā)

Jia Xin (Khemā)

Jia Xin (Khemā)

Jia Xin (or Khemā) is a potato in a human form, trying to do her best with this life. She resonates most with the Dhamma of the Thai Forest Tradition. She is the co-host of the u awake? podcast and also writes about her practice on her blog once in a blue, blue moon.
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I’ve Let Go (Or have I?)

As “spiritual people” we might go through difficult events thinking we have transcended them – but actually, it may have just been spiritual bypass. To truly let something go, we must first find a way to meet ourselves and our suffering.


Pandemic Diaries: Lessons On Right Effort And Morality

TLDR: ‘Right’ Effort is not always obvious. Walking the Middle Way applies – especially to our actions during the current pandemic. While it’s important to adhere to guidelines, it’s important to practice self-compassion. In the Ambalatthika-rahulovada Sutta, the...

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