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An educator, Zen practitioner, and founding board member of the Centre for Interfaith Understanding, Wai Kit promotes inter-religious dialogue and mindfulness practice in schools. When not marking or writing, he enjoys nature walks and learning poetry by heart. He is on the lookout for ways to build inner reserves of courage and compassion.

Remus is a Squash player with a keen interest in current affairs, politics & International Relations. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, pondering about life and listening to Dhamma music & talks to hone his practice

Ophelia loves cats, yet in all truths she struggles to love herself. As an introvert, she inclines to lose herself in a good book or in the forest or in the silence of a conversation. Ophelia broods over little musings in life. She searches for the purpose of life while very much attracted to death. Words are her way of connecting with people.

Jin Young is a social entrepreneur, mindfulness yoga teacher, martial artist and a Schwarzman Scholar. Besides running projects and retreat expeditions in the Himalayas, he is also the host of the Eco Flow Podcast. Personal Blog:

Ying Cong is the Co-Founder and CTO of Glints. He leads a 50 strong data, product, and engineering team. Outside of work, he enjoys meditating, attending retreats, and enjoying long periods of silence

A willingness to be different pushed Pei Shan to start a social enterprise after graduation. She loves to check off her to-do list and offer a safe space for her friends to be vulnerable. Clarinet is her first love.

Chime is a social worker with a passion for sports and tech. Between daydreams about the future of mental wellness, you might find him trying to keep his house plant alive.