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Sharon is a curious traveller, who loves new adventures and meeting new people. She also gets emo and takes her me-time seriously. She is a certified life coach who works with clients on career transitions, leadership and personal development.

Oliver is a contributing writer to Ricemedia

Chronic overthinker who thrives on gentle conversations, sunshine, and good cake; Finds joy in the little things

A quirky combination of contradictions, or more commonly known as a weirdo. Laughs louder than the mating calls of the 'uwu' birds. Fun in moderate doses.

PJ Teh discovered Buddhism while procrastinating as a student, and later discovered Ajahn Brahm and the Suttas in a 2010 Chiang Rai Retreat. He procrastinated on the spiritual path through various roles with the Singapore EDB, including industry development and strategic planning. He is taking his time working towards being a no-body.

A dog lover, Fang Huey enjoys playing with dogs she chances upon while immersing herself in nature. She appreciates the little things in life and continues on her journey of self-improvement.

A Dhamma-enthusiast from Malaysia. Can be found browsing the internet for the freshest (maybe wisest) Buddhist memes.

Li Hui likes to call herself lily and she love sunflowers, nature and the dharma:) And she also loves food.

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