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A collector of human stories, Ai En is passionate about sharing life experiences and mistakes with others so that everyone can grow in this Samsara journey. Data & A.I. are key areas of hobbies for her.

Ro is a curious, compassionate and collaborative individual who has worked in operational and support roles for 10 years in the Tech Industry. She now pursues writing full-time and continues to connect with people to foster the humanity and compassion needed in the modern world through mindfulness sessions and talks.
You can follow her journey and reflections right here

Sharon is a curious traveller, who loves new adventures and meeting new people. She also gets emo and takes her me-time seriously. She is a certified life coach who works with clients on career transitions, leadership and personal development.

Oliver is a contributing writer to Ricemedia

Chronic overthinker who thrives on gentle conversations, sunshine, and good cake; Finds joy in the little things

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