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A passionate dreamer of the finer things in life. She can be found in nature basking in the sun.

A Dhamma-enthusiast from Malaysia. Can be found browsing the internet for the freshest (maybe wisest) Buddhist memes.

Li Hui likes to call herself lily and she love sunflowers, nature and the dharma:) And she also loves food.

Chemical mixer in the day, dancer by the night, voice for animals, which take up 99% of the room in her heart. Adventures on paths less travelled and she barks at dogs 😉

Starting his Buddhist journey with Buddhist camps and activities, Haow Ming is currently a member of Nalanda Buddhist Society Malaysia. He hosts weekly youth programmes and takes on the occasional emcee role. Beyond his work in the real estate industry, he volunteers as a teacher for online Dhamma children classes.

Sister Sylvia Bay has a B.A. (Hons) First Class, in Buddhist Studies. She regular speaker on Buddhist doctrine, Buddhist history, and the practical application of the Buddha’s teachings in daily life.

Kartika is beginner home baker who finds joy sharing her bakes, sitting by the beach or taking long walks in nature.